Fire Safety Campaign

About Subtract Stupidity

So what's this stupid site about?  Well, actually that's exactly it.  Stupidity.  To be more specific, stupid choices, or rather keeping people from making them.  We all know that the safety equipment in our common areas is there to protect us, but year after year it still gets damaged either through intentional or thoughtless means.


The reasons may vary, whether it is malicious or just plain careless.  What all reasons have in common though is that a little education and a few simple steps can prevent many of the fire-related accidents that occur in dorm settings.

On this site you will find materials to help achieve those goals.  Feel free to download, print, and post them wherever you think they will be most effective.  Heck, put a door-hanger on your pet labradoodle's collar if you think it will get out the message.  Also, don’t forget that if there are other materials that you need to get word out, head on over to the contact page and give us a jingle. What ever it takes to "Subtract Stupidity" and add smart to the equation.